Mabinogi gaming community

The Beginning

In the beginning a great game was found hosted in North-America.
A lot of European gamers connected via VPN/ Proxy to the game servers to play the game they loved.

As being a few of them, we absolutely loved it that it came to Europe after a few years.
This however was the start of all the issues and troubles.

For a few months the game functioned as it should and everybody loved it, then all hell broke loose and we where forced back to North-America again.

Time has passed and updates have been done to the game, after logging in we decided quite fast that we need something more custom.

Here are some of the reasons.

The point alone that is set in the medieval times and you have scooters and guns is a little contradiction. This is the main part that we decided of starting our own server next the fact that it is great exercise of learning how to develop for an MMORPG with all the actions and functions.

Shortly after that Aurora was born.