Mabinogi gaming community

New Web System

For some time a lot of experimentation has been done on the website.

We have moved from jekyll so Joomla, from Joomla to ExpressJS and from ExpressJS to Wordpress,
now we will stay with wordpress (for now) because it provides a light and simple system to work with.

One of the reasons is that it isn’t as bloated as Joomla, another one is that it isn’t as low level as Laravel or ExpressJS, for some reason it is just right.

For the functionality plugins will be created, also widgets that are needed within the functionality of the plugins will be placed inside of the plugin itself.

The following plugins will be created:

  • User functionality plugin (login/ register/ character list with skills etc.)
  • Shop functionality plugin (buying new cards etc.)
  • TBD

Still the current state of the site is still in progress so please be patient with us.