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Going Legacy

10 June 2017

Since the beginning of the development of this server I have dreamt
about building it for legacy, when the game was still balanced (without guns and alchemy).

This is now starting to become reality!

Version 0.0.1

04 February 2017

We have lauched our first version of the server, yeaaah!

Little By Little

24 January 2017

After some development progress is slow and steady.
But it is proving to be a good practice for development and fun!

Progress so far is working character creation and login to the world,
further nothing else works.

The Beginning

01 January 2017

In the beginning a great game was found hosted in North-America.
A lot of European gamers connected via VPN/ Proxy to the game servers to play the game they loved.

As being a few of them, we absolutely loved it that it came to Europe after a few years.
This however was the start of all the issues and troubles.